1. Snippet - RPi Pico GDB how to

    The Raspberry Pi Pico supports on-chip-debugging using another Pico, making it possibly the cheapest embedded development kit with native GDB support.

    Things you'll need

    • 1x Raspberry Pi Pico - as the Device Under Test (DUT)
      • This will need, at minimum, the debug pins and 5V (VSYS, #39) pins with headers, A …
  2. Convert Debian install from GPT to MBR

    I had to replace the hardware of a server that was booting in UEFI mode with a board that only supported legacy booting, so I also needed to convert the system back to MBR.

    My Scenario

    This machine was previously booting in UEFI mode happily, until the motherboard failed. I …

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